Tina's Qnity Story!

Tina Kahler | Stylist | Vesta, IA Tina Kahler | Stylist | Vesta, IA Prosperity to me means growth and fulfillment in the areas of my life that are most important to me.  Some of these areas include the well being of my family, my faith, and my career.  In my personal life the 9Grid has helped me become more organized and focused at home.  For example, I created one for our morning routine.  Mornings at my house were very hectic.  This has helped me and my kids immensely!  Their expectations are now visual and clear and mornings run smoothly. When my personal life is in balance I notice my work life is in balance as well.  As a result of using this Qnity tool, when I get to work I am more engaged and focused with my guests and team members.  Another tool that has helped me is the Tuesday Tracker.  Every week I check my service and retail numbers and compare them to my goals.  I have also started tracking in the middle of the week.  I have found that in doing this I can see what I may need to do to meet my goals by the end of the week.  This helps remind me to suggest add-ons and products to guests.  My numbers reflect this and I have had an easier time increasing them! I am a leader, mentor, and educator at Vesta Salon.  I love being able to help my teammates reach their goals.  Being an Ambassador would help me to do this even more.  With the right tools, I believe I can be successful in helping everyone at Vesta grow and prosper.   I want to encourage them to do monthly 9Grid's in more than one area of their life.  I have also shared with them my success with tracking numbers and will continue to help them do this too! Create something Brilliant Create something Brilliant

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