Tracking Tuesday Graffiti

TrackingTuesdaygraffitiart Paul EastinTuesday Tracking Artwork created by Qnity Creative Educator, Paul Eastin of Paris Parker Salons and Spas in Baton Rouge, LA. Paul is the Creative Director at Paris Parker Salons, and also became a certified Qnity educator in July 2014 after seeing dramatic success with the Qnity program. As an extremely artistic, right-brain dominant guy, he enrolled in our 10 week, entirely virtual Q Program at the encouragement of his wife. Everyone-Qnity, Paul, his wife, and his leadership team at Paris Parker were blown away by the results Paul demonstrated, and has continued to maintain today! You will see a lot of Qnity concepts illustrated by Paul in a similar style to this. It's his way of doing what he loves (painting & creating) by depicting his personal touch of Qnity concepts to further cement them in his mind. See more of Paul's work here. Earn more money. Do what you love. Have a life.