What's a 17'er?

17'er Pin 17'er Pin As an enhancement to our two day Q+A Program, Qnity now hosts National 17% Challenges for Graduates! Through the support of a Qnity analyst and the salon's management team, we track a few key numbers for each service provider who agrees to participate in 13 weeks of HAND Tracking! Service providers are responsible for hand tracking using the Qnity Tuesday Tracker tool, while salon management tracks with Qnity using a simple electronic version of the Tracker.

Check out what stylists are saying about their experience:

Katrina Tracking

Amanda L tracking

Fio Tracking

Service providers who reach 17% growth or more in TOTAL SALES receive the 17'er pin  shown above to celebrate their prosperity!

Check out photos below for highlights of 17'er's across the U.S. and Canada!

FullSizeRender_1 17% Pinning Ceremony at Planet Labs, in CO 17_Increase 9Grid showing how to get a 17% increase FullSizeRender 17% Pinning Ceremony at Fusion, in FL Dani 17 Challenge Dani receives her 17% Challenge pin! Prosperity Logo