My first experience with Qnity was at the full day Qnity for Leaders program. I left the training feeling inspired and with a clear head. It’s hard to chose just one part of Qnity as my favorite because all the modules tie together in so many areas. The FOCUS piece had a particularly large impact on me personally, while the ENGAGE piece has helped me become a better leader for my team.

I’m a doer. I have a tendency to get excited and take on new goals and projects. Some of them end up causing me unnecessary stress because they take too much time and don’t end up giving me the results I wanted to see! I used a Qnity tool called the 9Grid to plan out the projects and programs that I needed to move on from. Not only did it feel like a huge weight off of me, but I felt empowered and ready to focus on what truly needed to be done.

One of the things that I realized I had a bad habit of neglecting was expressing gratitude. I have always been extremely grateful for my team, but now with a clear head and the information I learned in the engage module, I have realized just how easy it is to show someone you care and make their day. As a result, I am now noticing that the coaching sessions I have with my team members are being received better as well.

The Qnity program is unique in the way that it is so simple yet SO impactful. For an over-thinker like myself, Qnity has been a game changer.