Research shows that 99% of your success depends on just one thing:

Who you associate with.*

*Based on a 25-year-long study by Dr David McClelland from Harvard University.


Curated Peer Groups for Beauty Industry Owners and Leaders

From the Creators of The 2TO10 Project


What is CIRCLE?

CIRCLE is not like other mastermind groups; CIRCLE is curated groups of passionate business owners or leaders who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the beauty industry. This is your invitation to join a select group of visionaries who are committed to growth, innovation, and success. CIRCLE offers a tailored experience with small groups of 8-13 owners or leaders and led by certified Qnity Facilitators. 


💡 The power of ideas that come by surrounding yourself with industry leaders

💡 Going from feeling lonely to feeling supported and connected

💡 Being able to ask questions and get advice on difficult situations

💡 A safe place where you can be your authentic self

💡 Creating breakthroughs with new solutions to vexing problems

💡Going from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to feeling clear and confident

Unlock the power of collective brilliance in the beauty industry!


Who’s in Your CIRCLE?

Do they:

✔️ Challenge you?

✔️ Encourage you?

✔️ Work in a similar role?

✔️ Keep you focused?

✔️ Hold you accountable?

✔️ Keep you positive?

✔️ Have a growth mindset?

Why Join CIRCLE?

💡 Strategic Networking: Connect with like-minded salon leaders and owners who share your passion and ambition. Build meaningful relationships that will propel your salon business forward.

💡  Expert Insights: Gain invaluable insights and strategies from industry experts and successful peers. Stay ahead of trends, learn best practices, and discover innovative solutions to common challenges.

💡 Accountability and Support: Receive unwavering support and accountability from your CIRCLE peers. Share your goals, celebrate your victories, and receive constructive feedback to overcome obstacles.

💡 Business Growth: Accelerate your salon’s growth with the collective knowledge and experience of a powerhouse community. From marketing strategies to operational efficiency, CIRCLE is your secret weapon for success.

💡 Personal Development: Elevate not only your salon but also yourself. Engage in personal development sessions tailored to the unique needs of salon leaders and owners.

Limited spots available.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of something extraordinary. Apply now and step into a new era of salon leadership with CIRCLE!


What’s Included

✔️ Vetted, curated group to fit applicant

✔️ Tried and true format developed and perfected at 2TO10

✔️ Top facilitators certified by Qnity

✔️ Expert guests with insights to bring back to your team 

✔️ Select Qnity Tools 

✔️ Confidentiality Agreement


🔒 Exclusive Resources: Gain exclusive access to Qnity’s Function Forum’s, Weekly Webinars, and incredible team of Coaches, Facilitators, and Guides. 

📆 Optional in person meet-ups: At Qnity and other key industry events

We are currently assembling the following CIRCLE Groups:


Owners, GMs, Emerging Owners & Marketing


Owners & GMs


Succession Planning & CFOs

Depending on your business size and role, you will be matched with a curated group of peers. Prices start at $295 per month.

Book a Q&A Session

Whether you’re curious about the application process, the structure of CIRCLE, or the tangible results members have achieved – we’ve got you covered!

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you: spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life.”

– Amy Poehler



If accepted, when would my first CIRCLE session be?

NEW CIRCLE Groups will be curated in December 2023 and January 2024. After an initial onboarding and ‘get to know you period,’ your first CIRCLE session will start in early February 2024.

Is admission guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee admission. We expect these groups will fill, so submit your application early! Preference will be given to those who apply first, as well as active Qnity clients.

Can I miss sessions?

This program requires an annual commitment and a dedication to your fellow peers. They are counting on you to show up. We understand that you may have to miss sessions. Typically one or two per year. We record the sessions for you to catch up. If you have to miss more than two sessions, we reserve the right to offer your spot to a new, committed member. If you think you will have to miss more than three sessions please let us know and we may have other suggestions for you. 

How are CIRCLE groups curated?

CIRCLE groups will be curated to avoid regional overlap, conflicts of interest, etc. 

How do you ensure that CIRCLE groups are a safe space?

CIRCLE groups require confidentiality, adherence to a code of conduct and other ground rules. Failure to adhere will result in removal from the group, without refund. 

Megan Jasper

VP Operations, Gadabout SalonSpas and Verve

“I didn’t know how much I needed this until I was in it. It’s 90 minutes of truly curated conversation to make sure that there’s an outcome. There’s always a celebration but then there’s also that lightbulb moment or that challenge that leaves you thinking –

“Okay, I can do it better, or I can do this differently.” And it’s these incredible relationships that I wouldn’t have forged another way.”

Sue Arens

El Presidente, Studio Be Salons

“Our work gets lonely. It gets hard. It gets defeating. But when we’re together, we get lifted up. We formed trust so quickly because we are like minded – that’s the value of the group being curated. I so look forward to our time together, it is always relevant and relatable“.

Kate Cottrill

Owner/President, Ihloff Salon

“I used to feel like I was on an island in my business life, but this group changed that. It’s been very beneficial, especially as a new owner. I love having these women as resources and a strong presence in my life”.

Debbie Rodriquez Mar

Director of Operations, So Chic Salon Brands

“The most impactful parts of the Circle group for me are the inspiration and clarity it provides. Whether it comes in the form of an idea I haven’t considered, a creative solution to a problem, or simply the understanding of like minded leaders that walk the same path. I leave every session stronger than I arrived”.

Rebecca Ezolt

CEO, Lords & Ladies

“Our roles can be very isolating and lonely, this group has taken those feelings away. We all get a lot more done because of one another and what we share in this group. It’s changed the way we do business and given us new confidence”.

Tom Kuhn

CEO and Founder, Qnity, Inc

“We need to be intentional about who we spend our time with. 99% of our success depends on it. A pivotal point in my career was joining a group of industry leaders. It was the foundation for creating the 2TO10 Project, which Circle is based upon. Let us connect you with a group of people who challenge you and inspire you, it will change your life!”