Colleen Fahy | Leadership | Spa Bleu, IL
Colleen Fahy | Leadership | Spa Bleu, IL

After bringing in the Qnity team to Spa Bleu, it really gave me a clear understanding of what prosperity can mean to me personally, and to my teammates. Prosperity to me is being able to do what I love, which is being a leader in the salon, and having a sustainable life for myself. Often times, being a full time student and full time in my career, I can feel as if I am wearing every hat in every color. When I have my glass full of prosperity, the goal is to be able to live a balanced life and “be my own pilot.” In that sense, it is keeping myself organized and on a routine at all times. As a salon leader, my mind is always on the overall salon prosperity and how as a TEAM we will move to the next level. With the ambassador program, I am looking forward to having that connection with Qnity, which I can in turn bring to our team at Spa Bleu.
Being 1 week post Qnity, it’s crazy to think how many habits I have changed in just 7 days. In my personal life, I really always put myself last on the list because I always saw the value in putting others first all the time. I quickly realized, to be successful and overall live a happy life, I need to put myself first. Focusing on my health has always been on my “to-do” list that just seems to always get shoved to the bottom. With Qnity, I had no choice but to put it as #1 for 2016 and beyond. Professionally, it has changed A LOT. My career is a huge part of my life, and I always have had an adrenalin rush for learning new things about leadership and growing myself as a salon professional. I have taken many parts of Qnity and implemented them into my daily huddles, coaching sessions, and overall daily thinking. I have learned that staying positive is KEY! Even when you feel like you are running on such little energy inside of you, your team needs you to show up to the challenge at every moment.
The results for our team have been amazing the first week! With a team of 65 employees, we have a lot of ground to cover and it has taken our entire leadership team to be all hands on deck. Our Tuesday Tracker has given them all focus and determination to up their level of service. Over the years, our team tends to be on the competitive side, so any challenge is exciting for them. It was fun to write the 17% numbers down, and the looks on the faces of everyone, realizing, “WOW, I can do that!” The breakroom chatter has turned into Qntity talk, instead of what they did over the weekend, which is amazing with in itself. Our job as a leadership team is to keep the fire lit now!
As an ambassador for Qnity, I plan to be a go-to person for holding everyone accountable for continuing on with using the Qnity tools given to us. As a part of my leadership responsibilities, I teach many in-salon classes, and the tools from Qnity will now be a large part of my course material. I strongly believe this is our ticket to big things for Spa Bleu and if we work as a team, the future is full of possibilities. I can be leading by example in salon and keeping the inspiration alive with the continuing support from the ambassador program. I love that the Qnity program is not just for the individual service providers, but as a leader, I can see the value in earning more money, doing what I love, and having a life!
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