Hear from Melody, Director of Operations & Kippin, Director of Lasting impressions at Davanti Salons and spas on their growth and expansion

Enterprise Growth year over year:

(2014/2015) – 22.63% in total sales and 16.75% in total guest count

(2015/2016)- 25.19% in total sales and 17.62% in total guest count

(2016/2017) – still seeing growth 4% in Total Sales and 3.12% in total guest count

Expansion: Became a multi-location business with addition of 2nd location

Leadership Development: Both Melody (Director of Operations) and Kippin (Director of Lasting Impressions/Master Stylist) have continued to develop as leaders, both leading the Qnity in-house education program within their business

New Hire Training: With Kippin as the in-house Qnity Trainer, they are able to take new hires through Qnity day one to fast track growth

Low Turnover: With Qnity education engrained in Davanti’s culture, they are making it a great place to work and seeing lower turnover

Melody shares, “When we first decided to go to Qnity, trying to get everyone on the same page to drive our business as a whole was our main driver. Once we were able to get EVERY single person to go through the Qnity program, it was like a light-bulb went off for everyone.

We went through Qnity in March 2015. Prior to that, we had a year over year monthly growth of 9% in January 2015 and 2% in February 2015. For the month of March 2015 after we went through Qnity, month over month saw 20% growth! We finished year over year 2014/2015 at 22.63% growth in total sales as an entire business. Total guest count for the entire salon was up 16.75%.
By the end of 2016, total sales growth year over year was 25.19%, which is over the already awesome year we had in 2015, and total transactions were up 17.62% as an ENTIRE COMPANY. It’s almost impossible to maintain growth like that, and 2017 we kind of leveled out, but we still grew 4% in total sales and 3.12% in transactions.”

Kippin, recently becoming a certified in-house Qnity educator

Aside from the numbers, there’s also other benefits for leaders. Kippin says “my favorite part of Qnity, especially now that I’m growing more into a leadership/management role, is that it bridges the gap between owners/management and stylists. It helps stylists connect more to the growth of the business and have a personal stake and accountability in that growth. Especially with the younger generations, intrapreneurship* gives them a purpose within our business while allowing them to still have a life outside of work. Qnity helps keep my staff engaged and gives me the tools to help get them get back on track when they fall back a little!” 
Melody continues, “When I look back at the numbers for my enterprise, it’s undeniable to say that it was because of Qnity. To see this kind of substantial change, to see double digit growth, month over month, year over year – it’s INTENSE. We have now expanded into a multi-location business, and now bring our people through the Qnity system on from DAY ONE through our in-house Qnity Trainer, Kippin. Everyone now understands what they need to do to grow as an individual. Three years after practicing Qnity religiously as a company – we continue to see growth and engrain it within our culture.”

*Qnity teaches and defines ‘intrapreneurship’ as the sector of the economy that has control of their livelihood within the support of an existing business structure