Many are starting the new school year with some form of distance learning. Qnity’s 9Grid is a simple & visual tool to help you bring clarity to a new school year. Candice, one of Qnity’s Certified Trainers used the 9Grid to help her prep for distance learning.

Forest, Candice’s son also has his own 9Grid notebook. Below are a few things Candice has observed since Forest started using the tool:

  • I think it’s actually helping him to develop a sense of how to take notes at a super young age. He is learning how to pick out important pieces of information from what he learns.
  • He knows to use if for learning, brainstorming, working on ideas and making plans so it is very special for him. He thinks of it like an idea book.
  • He is a very left brained child so encouraging him to use the 9Grid help him wrap his head around some of the more emotion based subjects that come up in his reading and religion lessons.


Stay tuned as we continue to follow up and share more on their distance learning journey using 9Grids.