AllyHealth helps your employees be more proactive about their health and wellness by giving them access to the right professionals on their schedule and on their terms. And our modular platform allows you to pick and choose which virtual care solutions are best for your employees, providing you with the most flexible platform in the industry.



  • Support with a benefits package when Heathcare oftentimes in unaffordable or owners are unable to get enough participation.
  • Available to part time employees and full-time staff and employees can be enrolled immediately upon employment, no waiting periods & helps with recruitment & employee retention.
  • Gives employees an outlet of expert, licensed psychologists, clinical social workers & psychiatrist for their mental health support versus relying on the business owner, managers or each other. (Gives YOU access to help too!)
  • Reduces last-minute absenteeism by providing immediate access to doctors (within 10 minutes on average) from their home, the salon/spa, or anywhere in the US.
  • Membership provides all of these benefits to the employee’s household & dependents. No questions asked.

“I have been looking for new creative benefits to offer my team and finally found something with Qnity & Ally Health!

For a minimal monthly charge per employee, I’m able to offer my staff FREE access to 24-hour/7 days a week/365 days per year medical care through telehealth visits that can diagnose, treat and prescribe for them and their families – all without copays or consult fees.

As a mental health advocate and someone who has personally suffered from a mental health condition, my favorite part of this benefit is the access to mental health care with FREE therapy visits. Now when my staff is struggling, I can refer them to Ally Health’s network of licensed behavioral specialists that can give them the tools they need to achieve mental wellness. Since I started offering Ally Health in January, I’ve had several of my staff thank me for adding this benefit and tell me how much they love it. I’ve even used it myself along with the rest of my family when we all got sick in January. It’s so easy to use and we all avoided sitting in a doctor’s office or urgent care! I can’t say enough about how great Ally Health is and how much I recommend you check them out for your own staff.”

– Laura Watkins, Owner, Pure Salon Spa

Mary Kuhn MS, NBC-HWC, FSW
Sales Consultant/Wellness Director

Mary is a seasoned health and wellness professional. She has spent the last 8 years working with Fortune 500 companies and leading tech startups in the fast-growing space of digital therapeutics. As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, she has spent over 7,000 hours coaching clients around behavior change, general lifestyle, diabetes prevention, and financial wellbeing. During the pandemic Mary saw a dramatic increase in stress, anxiety, and depression with her coaching clients and their families as well as a significant lack of resources available to them when most needed. AllyHealth virtual care services fills this important gap and Mary is excited to bring AllyHealth to the beauty industry! 

The first visually engaging financial wellness benefit for first-choice employers in the beauty and wellness spaceBy bringing the MONEY PRO by Qnity program into your business, you’ll elevate your teams’ financial literacy and equip your team with the financial knowledge and skills to succeed with their money AND their craft. Plus, gain a powerful employee benefit tool to attract, grow and retain top talent.