Frequently asked question

Q: What is Qnity?
A: Qnity is a combination of training, tools, and practices designed for the right brain learner. Our approach to business education is focused on overall prosperity for the salon and the individual. We appreciate and honor the creative mind by utilizing simple and visual tools to consistently achieve results.
Q: What makes Qnity different?
A: Qnity was created with inspiration from other creative industries and education companies. In our humble opinion, we believe there is nothing comparable to Qnity within the beauty industry. It would be more accurate to compare our education to Franklin Covey, Behance, and The Grove. Our goal is to deliver great education in a way that honors the creative professional. In order to consistently achieve lasting results, we believe education needs to include a combination of training, tools, and practices. Education and training are great, but without the tools to help you implement what you learned, results will be fleeting. Equally important is the approach we take to engage a right-brained learner. Simple & Visual are the key differentiators. Our overall goal is to bring greater prosperity to the salon and the individual.Q: You say you take an approach of honoring the right brain learner. What does this mean?
A: 90.7% of people in the beauty industry are right brain dominant. This means they tend to be visual: they learn by doing, and they are creative, intuitive and emotional. Managers and leaders tend to be more left brain dominant: they communicate with numbers and words, they think linearly and tend to be more logical and analytical. This creates a disconnect when they communicate with one another. When visual learners see a spreadsheet, they often shut down. At Qnity, we honor the way right brainers learn and we instruct left brainers how to communicate and motivate effectively. Using the tools introduced at the workshop allows for consistent tracking and growth.
Q: I hear Qnity is for commission salons, will I still benefit from the program?
A: Yes! Qnity is as relevant for a commission salon as it is for a salon with hourly pay. We take no stance on payment method.
Q: What is up with the 17% Challenge?
A: While we don’t make any guarantees, 17% growth is our minimum goal for each individual going through one of our programs. Oftentimes, we see far beyond this. A common question is “Why 17%? Why not 10%, or 20%?” We use 17% for a couple reasons. First, in order to see a 17% growth for the average stylist, they must simply add 3-5 more guests a week. This is feasible AND will add significant growth. Also, if a stylist makes six jumps of 17%, they will double their business.
Q: What if some of my staff cannot attend the live training?

A: For participants who are unable to attend the live two day session, Qnity offers another solution. Up to 3 attendees may opt to complete this program entirely virtually!

This program will be completed over the course of 10 weeks through a series of engaging video tutorials and live discussion calls with top Qnity educators. While the 8 hours of video content can be completed on one’s own time, discussion calls are held every other Wednesday, always at 10:00 am CST (five calls total over the 10 week program).

Qnity offers monthly start dates for the virtual program.  Salon leaders should contact to enroll.

Q: What if I want to send more than 20 people to the Q+A, Q Program for Salon teams?
A: We would love for you to send more than 20 people! Please contact for custom pricing.
Q: What if I want to send less than 10 people to the Q+A, Q Program for Salon teams?
A: We would be happy to work with you on this. Please contact for custom pricing.
Q: Do I have to be an Aveda Salon to attend Qnity education?
A: Yes. We are pleased to announce Qnity is business education exclusively for the Aveda salon.
Q: How will I measure growth?
A: One of our core practices at Qnity is “Tracking Tuesday.” Each Tuesday, service providers are responsible for counting 2 Numbers: their Client Count & Average Ticket from the previous week. This is measured against a previous baseline of 13-26 weeks. After Qnity training, a stylist will learn how to compare to this baseline and watch their 2 numbers grow.
Q: I want all my service providers to go through the program, but not everyone can attend the 2-day training? What do you suggest?
A: Not to worry! We have our entire program available for virtual completion through a combination of video modules and group discussion calls.
Q: What are the different programs offered by Qnity?
A: We have a few different programs:

Q+A, Q Program for Salon Teams: As stated in the name, this program is geared for the entire salon team. Attendees should be salons that are serious about growth, sending a minimum of 10 people. The program is 2 days live, followed by 4 months of in-salon continued support.

Q Program for Service Providers (virtual): This program is entirely virtual, a combination of video modules & group discussion calls featuring top Qnity educators. The program lasts 10 weeks and is largely self-study.

Qnity Private education: To bring Qnity into your salon privately, please contact for customized pricing.

Q: Are payment plans available?
A: Payment plans are available for all programs, with the exception of the Q+A, Q Program for Salon Teams. However, it is concept benefits eligible!
Q: Does Qnity cover technical education?
A: No. Qnity is business training, tools and practices designed to increase both the salon & individual prosperity. We do this through taking a simple & visual approach to personal and professional growth.