For over 35 years, I’ve spent my professional life working intimately with businesses, especially in the areas of creative services on their financial performance. For the past 16 years, I’ve specialized with multi-location business leaders on research and financial benchmarks. The majority of leaders I work with are seeking clarity and struggling in the areas of profitability and cash flow.
I am a firm believer that all progress starts when you tell the truth. So, here’s the truth. At large, most entrepreneurs will struggle to build and sustain consistent revenue and profitability. That being said, there are massive opportunities for improvements and many entrepreneurial businesses that are highly profitable. In my experience, both as a high end multi-location salon/spa owner and in my work with other leaders in various industries, I find there are four common gaps to prosperity most leaders and entrepreneurs face.
If we can start to move the needle, by taking small steps daily to close these four gaps, we will experience results. Read below for a preview from our core Qnity program, which outlines these Four Gaps to Prosperity. It is my hope for you that this information will help you move closer to reaching your individual and your organization’s full potential.

Source: Visual Performance Suite, Plexus Scientific Inc.

Bridge the Gap: Break your year into 8 Seasonal Planning Cycles based on the natural life events of your clients and staff.

Bridge the Gap: Communicate your message 4 different times and 4 different ways to make it stick. Example: Email, In person, Team meeting, Social Media.

 Bridge the Gap: Start a 17% Challenge using the Qnity Tuesday Tracker to capture opportunities to increase your Client Count and Average Ticket.

Bridge the Gap: Make ACCE a core practice in your place of work. (Appreciate, Care, Challenge and Encourage!)

The full Qnity curriculum dives deeper into these gaps, and provides you tools an solutions to solve them. We hope you will join us!

Tom Kuhn, Qnity Founder/CEO on the importance on the Four Gaps to Prosperity creative entrepreneurs experience. Learn more about Tom here.

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