At Qnity, we have the privilege of working with amazing small business owners and leaders. We were recently inspired by one of our clients, Jenteny Gunderson.

“After 5 years of slow and steady climbing, February 2020 sent me straight down the elevator to emotional hell. I sat there in a heap of tears and defeat…for a short time. On the surface, I was fine. Inside, everything was broken. My inner pity party was swallowing me whole. I remembered that I had a choice. Others needed me to get back up. I needed me to get back up. I started small…again…picked up my tool bag…again…and created a new plan of action with a basic daily To Do list of simple reminders of things that I love to do and achievable tasks. I reassessed my Life Map and the vision I had for my future. Things were becoming more clear. I felt more in control and knew where I needed to let go. I am climbing…again. Some steps are more challenging, and some times I falter. I was almost there before, so I will do it again.

The layout of my 9Grid actually shows a staircase of milestones surpassed. At the top, you see the detour, and the elevator. There are “foundation blocks” to the staircase which show the 5 Success Principles in use:


The three post-its show The 3C’s . Creating this 9Grid allowed me to get closure. I was forced to accept where I was and get clear about how I was going to get back up. And I am now moving onward and upward again with confidence in a plan.

The plan didn’t fail me, life happened. So I made adjustments!”

Jenteny stated “I am clear and confident that I can replicate my prior pattern of success with continued focus.”


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