Aura sent 20 service providers through the 13 week Qnity for Teams ‘Growth’ program, and the final results are in! Read below for a summary of results and a few thoughts from the Aura leadership team.

The Goal:

Final Participant Results:

Aura’s Enterprise Growth:

Shaina experienced 88% growth in total sales from her baseline

Growth Stories (for both new & seasoned talent!): 

Leadership Development:

Melissa Edwards, General Manager at Aura Salon says, “They (Jessica & Joey) have really grown into their leadership positions as a result of this challenge and especially with the assistance of Qnity, which helped us to outline the process and how to actually help them move into these roles. The support of Qnity has been immensely helpful.”

Qnity Ambassador, Jessica Donmoyer has been practicing the act of tracking her numbers with the Tuesday Tracker for the past four years. Donmoyer says, “It’s really exciting to see everyone engaging with it. We could not have done this without Qnity coming on site.”

Melissa Edwards, General Manager continues, “As a leader, you know very clearly what grows your business. But for us, we now have a very young team. Before Qnity, the team was aware of numbers, but I had to explain the numbers to them 15 times. i.e. – ‘what pre-booking means,’ etc. Now, we are keeping it simple by looking at two numbers; client count and average ticket, and they are actually getting it! So giving them a simple system, ‘hey guys, your client count will increase if you are pre-booking’ – it just makes sense to them.”
Added incentives: 

A final note from Qnity: 
It’s probably no surprise that many creative-minded people don’t ‘enjoy’ numbers, but what many leaders don’t realize is that many of their employees actually FEAR them! It’s time for leaders to take a fresh approach to growth and speak numbers to their team in a different way. This is exactly what Aura did and your business can too! Our goal at Qnity, especially through this 13 week program is to help leadership teams bridge the numbers gap and learn to speak numbers in a creative person’s language – simple, visual, emotional and intuitive – while also getting the results everyone (especially leaders) want and need – GROWTH.

Congratulations to the entire team at Aura Salon in Florida!

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