Kippin, recently becoming a certified in-house Qnity educator.

Whether you are a business owner, leader, manager, or a service provider – your business will benefit by having an in house Qnity Trainer. Over the three day certification period, trainers will receive a Qnity Trainer kit, Qnity training power-points, personalized support, and access to our private trainer community; providing trainers with the resources, confidence and skills to teach the FULL Qnity curriculum to fellow team members or employees.
The best part is? Well, there’s actually two. First, this allows your business to customize when you teach Qnity. Whether you teach the modules in two consecutive days, or over the course of four months – it’s on your terms. We will guide and support you throughout the entire roll out process to ensure it’s delivered with maximum impact. The second, it’s SO economical! All Trainers leave with 10 Qnity training toolkits (enough to train 10 people) – and for all future trainings receive preferred material pricing. Here’s what recent Qnity certified Trainer, Kippin said about her experience.
“I’m actually a pretty nervous speaker even in front of my own team, and the Trainer Certification taught me it isn’t about me and what I’m saying, but instead it’s about how my team is experiencing the Qnity material. By putting into action the Qnity Triad of Learning, I was able to shift the focus from being about me the speaker, to being about my team as the learners. I attended the Qnity certification in March and after teaching the program we are already about to promote one of our stylists who has put into action what she’s learned from Qnity!
I loved the immersive experience of the Trainer certification, we got to learn how to bring the program to life while also having fun! We also learned how to fully engage our learners and let them learn by doing. I also loved the deeper connections I was able to make with other attendees, it was such a welcoming and encouraging group. I wish I could have Carrie (Qnity’s Director of Learning/Development) with me all the time!
I’d recommend the Qnity Trainer Certification program because it has helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence with public speaking. It has not only helped me have to tools to train my team for the first time, but also keep the momentum going stronger. I feel like the program not only re-energized me, but has also re-energized my whole team. Our business is unique with our two owners, Randy and Tracee being absentee owners. Through me being Qnity certified and the tools I’ve learned, they are truly seeing the value.”
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