We are in a state of what many are calling a Human Capital Crisis. At our annual 2 to10 Project AND shortly therafter at Intercoiffure, the labor shortage and the overall challenges we are seeing in the marketplace was a critical focus. Just take a look at the survey results from the 50 top multi-location companies that joined us for the 2to10 Project.


Well, a quote we like to speak about at Qnity is, “All Progress Starts When you Tell the Truth.” So, we know we are in a human capital crisis. Here are a few things to help you elevate the Human Capital function in your business:


Sit down and highlight how working for YOU provides a prosperous Career in Beauty.

Ensure your team understands how to read their paycheck AND how they are compensated beyond their paycheck.

Lay out how you can help provide CAREER ADVANCEMENT. Keep in mind, there is a LOT of misinformation happening about the benefits of going Solo. We believe this is a myth, there are other ways to advance in career BEYOND beauty. Plus, going on your own is not always the best fit for MOST.

Lastly – use one of Qnity’s most popular tools – and get CLEAR on your human capital function. When you get clear, you get CONFIDENT. Here’s a simple example:

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