Director of Educator Development | Jean Madeline Institutes 

My favorite part about Qnity is the sense of “family”. That unity paired with business using whole brained thinking and training techniques I think can transform the workplace into something everyone can connect to.
I know among the Directors on our team we frequently reference “4 times 4 ways” from Qnity. We try our best to communicate in way that everyone will understand and retain information to get best results from the team.

I am excited to implement  further all of the tools Qnity has to offer. I am more conscious on how others understand and how I can connect and inspire others! We haven’t completely launched the whole program to all of the team as of yet, however, I can already say personally I have used it in my life to plan event and teaching my daughter how to organize priorities!

Qnity education was an indescribable experience! The way I was able to connect to the information was gratifying. It is like the perfect blend of salon reference, business, accounting, and creativeness. I felt engaged, motivated, and empowered to conquer almost anything!

I plan to use my knowledge from Qnity as an opportunity for continuous learning. Being supported by others that use Qnity I think will help catapult ideas on how it can specifically be used in the Institutes (schools).