At Qnity, we believe it is important for individual to educate themselves. Because at the end of the day, YOU are in control and accountable for your financial decisions and success. Although many of us are still not working due to COVID-19, you can still take time to educate yourself. Below are a few of our recommendations:

  1. Level up your financial smarts – There’s tons of amazing education out there, and a lot of it is free! It’s time to start to get more confident with the financial side of your business. Especially as a result of COVID-19, you will need to be prepared to make important financial decisions, and it’s critical that you are informed. Remember, numbers are a language. Unlike your craft, there’s not a whole lot of room for creativity here. If you’ve avoided a language for much of your career, of course they are going to be scary and confusing. You can also check out Qnity’s YouTube channel and consider enrolling in our Plan for Profits course, which is currently available on a pay-what-you-can basis.


  1. Focus on the most important numbers for growth – Qnity teaches 2 Number Growth™. It’s a simple and visual way to drive the two most important numbers that will grow your total sales, Client Count (how many clients you see) and Average Ticket (how much an average client spends with you.) Not being able to work makes it challenging to grow total sales, however, there are actions that you can take NOW to impact these in the future. For example, you can increase client count by asking your favorite clients to refer you. You can increase your average ticket by working on skills to offer add-ons when you get back to work. Use your asset, creativity, to think of ideas on how you can grow your total sales.