Meet Liberty, a 24 year old restaurant owner and entrepreneur on the beautiful island of Curacao. Here’s a bit more about her experience.  

Qnity came to me at the right time, the timing couldn’t be any better. I was in need of a bit of guidance, a bit more support from outside my circle and thats exactly what I got during the training. At first I was a bit nervous joining the group as I’m only 24 years old, running 3 different businesses with no business/managing background at all. This both scared and excited me since I was up for the challenge and ready to expand my horizons. The course was so well put together that anyone can join. It doesn’t matter the size or type of business, all the information is brought in a very clear, simple and understanding way. I am always eager to learn and this was just what I was missing.

I’ve had a couple a-ha moments during the classes and would love to share them with everyone. In the 3 different businesses that I am running at the moment I know that I have a lot of responsibilities, I know I have plenty of tasks and know all the hats that are hanging in my closet. What I realized on the first day was that the most important hat of all has been hanging and hasn’t made it on my head so far. I am talking about the leadership hat! It was quite a reality shock to realize something that is so clear to others and/or visible from the outside, but with all the crazy hectic things going on I got so stuck in the moment that I didn’t get a chance to zoom out and realize that with the new business it’s not just me working for me, but its a bigger group of people and that its time to lead.

Another important moment during the training for me was the moment I realized that I knew nothing about my companies numbers. I was surrounded by other companies calling all these numbers and I remember sitting there, feeling so embarrassed that I’ve been in the business for 4 months and have no idea how we’re actually doing. The first couple of months starting up I was so focused on the front end, the design, the experience our clients get, and really trying to set an example for my employees. With that all running smooth and steady, it’s now time to know a bit more about my business, starting with very basic numbers, that could be more than enough for me to know where we are going and how we can grow and expand, instead of putting them all aside. And not just looking and talking about numbers but knowing what they mean and where they come from is important for me. Right away I started working with percentages and it all makes so much sense now!

Finishing the training gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Challenging myself to go to the next step and am so happy I made the decision to take the program. I know that there is still so much I can get out of the training and that’s why I would really like to join again next time. So far, I’ve recommended the training to everyone and know that this is something that all leaders can use. Its guidance for all levels. I’ve learned a lot this time but am pretty sure I’ll learn even more next time! I am forever grateful for this opportunity and will definitely use the tools to grow. Managing 3 different businesses started by accident and turned into a real thing. At the moment where it all got a little too much is when I decided to take Qnity. The tools and exercises are really helping me to get things out of my head and to bring them into action and thats where I as a person can continue to grow.

To learn more about Liberty Suares and her businesses, head to her website, or follow her on Instagram at @libertysuares. If you’re ever on the island of Curacao, be sure to head to her delicious cafe, Number 10 Curacao