Navigate money conversations and implement a financial wellness curriculum for your team!

The first visually-engaging financial wellness benefit for first-choice employers in the beauty and wellness space. By bringing the MONEY PRO by Qnity program into your business, you’ll elevate your teams’ financial literacy and equip them with the financial knowledge and skills to succeed with their money AND their craft. Plus, gain a powerful employee benefit tool to attract, grow and retain top talent.



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Curriculum Overview:

What’s Included:

  • MONEY Login Credentials for entire team
  • MONEY Pro Curriculum (8 Modules, 40 lessons complete with 9Grid)
  • 8 9Grid recaps with Talking points for owners on critical financial topics related to employees (64 questions)
  • Program Overview and Resource Guide 
  • 2 Year Access

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What Owners Are Saying

“I love this program. It’s what I have tried to do with my team, but puts STRUCTURE around money. I love that it’s a benefit. In the old days, benefits were about 401k, health and paid time off. Employees are looking for new benefits. I love it.”

Laura Watkins, Owner

Pure Salon Spa

Everything owners are struggling with on their teams always come back to MONEY. If professionals understand, ‘I can win, I can hit my income goals, I am a part of something bigger,’ we blow some major doors open for the industry.”

William Edge, Owner

William Edge Salon and Academy

“Imagine a shift in the conversation in the breakroom. Instead of complaining, or focusing on their financial stresses, they have a tool to talk about how they are GROWING their finances. It gives me goosebumps.”

Tracee Herring, Owner

Davanti Salons

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