There are several traps and myths both service providers and leaders fall prey to within the salon and spa industry. The good news is, self awareness is the first step to growth. Look inside and see which of these traps and myths apply to you, and challenge yourself to approach them with a new perspective!
Trap 1: Measuring too much: When we ask service providers if they feel they measure too much, almost no hands go up. When we ask this same question to salon/spa owners/managers, almost all hands go up. This creates quite a gap!
Trap 2: Measuring too little: Lack of awareness around the numbers is very common for creative, right-brain dominant professionals. The problem with this is it’s REALLY hard to experience growth when you don’t know where you’re coming from.
Trap 3. Measuring the wrong things: This is the trap the vast majority of salon and spa professionals fall in. They simply aren’t looking at the right things! Imagine you bake a loaf of bread, and you measure 1 cup  of salt for what was actually supposed to be 1 cup of yeast. The final result would be quite different than what you wanted!

SOLUTION: Focus on MEASURING the two MOST important numbers. While many numbers do have importance, for simplicity’s sake, two numbers matter more than the rest. This is especially true for people who don’t enjoy or understand the numbers language! If you focus on growing the two numbers below, your sales will start to grow.

What about the MYTHS creative, right brainers tell themselves about numbers? Take a look at the list below. Which of the following do you identify with?

Myth 1: I’m too busy for numbers: Well, no one is too busy for five minutes a week! Take just a couple minutes to look at where you’re currently at, set simple and attainable goals for where you want to go, and decide what ACTION steps you need to get there!
Myth 2: Numbers are confusing and overwhelming: All things that don’t come naturally to us initially feel confusing! Numbers are a language, and it’s a matter of getting more comfortable speaking it. Focus on growing a couple of simple numbers to transform your confusion into confidence!
Myth 3: I’ll be less creative if I focus on the numbers: Focusing on a couple of numbers allows you to be MORE creative. Being aware of what your paycheck is going to look like gives you power. This eliminates the stress of the unknown and allows you to be more present and creative with your clients!
Myth 4: Numbers aren’t important to me: Paychecks are important. The weight of a newborn child is important. Challenge your assumptions on what YOU think is important.
Myth 5: Numbers are boring: Making more money isn’t boring 🙂 Once you start to see growth in your finances, numbers will start to seem a little more interesting! Start to imagine what you would do with more money. Save up for a home? Pay off debt? Take a much-needed vacation? This will change the way you see numbers.

Challenge yourself to DISPEL these traps and myths. This will come through a change of mindset, which then needs to be transformed into action. One simple solution, is focusing on monitoring how many clients sit in your chair (Client Count) and how much each client spends with you (Average Ticket). You can do this daily, but we recommend starting with weekly. Multiple these two numbers together, divide it by the time period you are measuring to get your average, and you will find your total sales! (If you hate math, don’t let this scare you! Just ask someone who likes numbers to help you!) Remember, if you are growing your total sales, you will start to grow your paycheck!

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