To our friends and partners,

We are overwhelmed and heartbroken by the tragic events in our home city of Minneapolis and across our country. As our city and nation continues to grapple with the past and current injustices and systemic racism, we are committed to being a part of healing and rebuilding.

We know that while we can not fully understand, because we’ve never suffered personally, we do have the ability to be a part of the solution. We stand with and support African Americans and POC. This is important and necessary work.

Qnity was founded on the concept and vision of Unity. The idea that AND is always a more powerful option than OR. There’s never been a time when we’ve believed that more strongly.

Our purpose is to help small businesses and people prosper. Weeks ago we created a Gray Paper to share with you today as we start a new month, 8 Simple Tips to Prosper can be downloaded here.

As a team, we grappled with whether or not this was appropriate to send today. When we re-opened to look with fresh eyes we were hit smack in the face….

Number 1: Create Unity.

We have to move forward with our work to help people Prosper AND we are committed to being an active participant in creating change, supporting justice and moving forward in Unity.

In love and unity,

The Qnity Team

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