A path to earn more money and increase sales through Qnity’s core online curriculum and award-winning visual thinking tools. bridge the gap between business AND creative, head AND heart, profit AND people. The PLAN TO PROSPER program helps individuals and teams experience another level of financial prosperity. 

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In this 5 module program, you’ll learn core skills to increase your financial prosperity. Each module is between 60-90 minutes, and you will complete via online video modules. 



“I introduced Qnity to my life and my business 4 years ago and I can’t tell you how much it helped me AND my business grow. The tools that they teach are easy to use AND easy to teach. Having closure, clarity and confidence on things is something I learned with Qnity and I am so happy I did. It brings peace to my life.”

-Luisa | Owner 

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Filled with simple and practical systems, you’ll learn practices and tools you can implement immediately. Here’s a few of of our graduate favorite learnings. 

The 2 most important numbers to make more money

An award-winning visual thinking tool to solve problems and take action.

4 ways to win the hearts & minds of clients, staff and teammates.

A simple tracking tool for right-brainers to drive GROWTH and SALES.

A whole brain visual thinking tool to unite DREAMS with ACTION. 

The 3 most valuable currencies in life to prosper



Corinne took the Plan to PROSPER program and got closure of her limiting financial beliefs. Her favorite part of the program was the 9GRID™. As a result of what she learned in Qnity, Corinne increased her total sales 131% and increased her income by over $40,000 a year! Even more importantly, she transformed her relationship with money to enjoy another level of prosperity for herself and her son. 

Corinne | Independent Contractor


  • 5 module online curriculum (including private learning portal access)
  • Suite of visual thinking tools (mailed to your home)
  • Qnity workbook (mailed to your home)
  • Assessments and pre-program survey for us to best support you
  • Access to a community committed to your prosperity 




Nikki’s business owner brought Qnity’s Plan to PROSPER program in for their entire team to take. Nikki, a stylist earned to tie her dream (which was buying a house) to her performance at work. As a result, in 2 years of applying the Qnity training and tools  she increased her total sales from $62,000 to over $144,000. And, she bought a house. She also is loyal to her business owner. “I know that I can achieve my dreams right where I am.”

Nikki | Commission based stylist


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“I’ve served as a CPA, CEO, C-level executive, advisor, and an educator for companies of various industries and sizes. However, my deepest passion is  to help creative professionals prosper. I’ve seen too many talented professionals struggle to have the quality of life they desire. However, it IS possible with the right tools. I can’t wait for you take this program!”

TOM KUHN Qnity Founder/Creator of Plan to PROSPER

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This program is designed to help YOU prosper. It’s appropriate for teams, leaders and individuals earn more money, do what they love and have a great quality of life. It’s designed for professionals in in beauty (salon, spa, nail, massage, esthetics), fitness studios, retail, and hospitality – but we’ve had other professionals coming from industries from construction to finance experience this program. This program is for new and veteran talent, small & large chains, new and seasoned leaders, independent contractors, employees working in a commission based environment and individuals from team based pay. Basically, this program is for anyone who wants to try a fresh approach to create another level of financial prosperity.

Scroll to the section above for everything that’s included. You can expect a simple, visual and actionable program complete with visual thinking tools that you will find serve you in uses far beyond your professional and financial life. 

The standard investment of the program is $497. In light of the pandemic and resulting hardships for small businesses and service-based professionals, we are offering limited time preferred pricing. This course will be available for $199, with a 50% donation on each ticket to support the nonprofit work of Beauty Changes Lives.


This program is a self study format and includes 5 modules. There will be one module released weekly (about 60-90 minutes for each module. Everything will be accessible in your learning portal for you to access and refer back to.


We’re here to support you! All participants will be offered multiple ways to receive support and to have answers to questions throughout the process. We also have dedicated team members to ensure you have an excellent experience.

No. First and foremost, each person is mailed a tangible toolkit and workbook which is necessary to complete the learning material. There are also quizzes and learning assessments after each module. Please also note, we  are a small business and have done our best to make this program highly affordable. Each login is for ONE person only. Please be respectful and purchase an additional login, we dedicate support to each person. 

All participants will be guided through the curriculum and have the ability to ask questions through the portal. We do have the option to work with a coach to guide you through this program, which you can learn about upon registration.


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