A simple and visual path to increase cash flow, increase confidence and PLAN FOR PROFITS. 


of small business failures are due to poor cash management AND 74% of businesses operate without a financial plan. Strong financial practices are needed now more than ever. Most financial training is complicated, time-consuming and numbers heavy. PLAN FOR PROFITS is simple, visual and actionable. 

Words that matter
Define the most critical terms to increase financial literacy
Name to every number
An intentional and structured approach to increase profitability
Push the pulse
Get clear to make informed and intelligent financial decisions
Forward Focus
A simple, daily practice to forecast cash flow and profitability
Profit improvement plan
Build a customized simple and visual plan to improve profitability
2 Number growth™
Track, target and drive revenue by focusing on two key growth metrics
+ so much more!
What's included:
  • Welcome Toolkit featuring Qnity’s award winning visual thinking tools
  • Library of 75+ videos, designed to transform profitability
  • Exclusive, members only, Financial Roundtables with Qnity Founder Tom Kuhn
  • Visual tools and templates (including a daily cash flow tracker!)
  • Tuesday Tips – Weekly tips and best practices to increase profitability
  • Private Plan for Profits digital community
  • Vetted resources to increase profitability
  • Preferred pricing for Qnity services and education
  • Unlimited 24/7 access with continued membership
  • Access to all program updates and additions 
* Take the program at your own pace, and refresh as much as needed!


“I went through the Plan for Profits program and started following the action steps. It honestly saved me. As a result, of following the steps, I went into this crisis with $35,000 additional cash in savings. I feel so fortunate. It’s hands down all a result of this education.”

Kim Hunter | Owner & Stylist, True Blue | Plan for Profits Graduate

“The need to understand your company’s financials has never been more important than right now. Having your financial statements in order allows you to get in front of the line with many of the government assistance programs we find available to us. The Plan for Profits program walks you through the most important financial statements you’ll need to have ready at all times while teaching you the understanding of each.”

Jason Craven | Owner, Jyl Craven | Plan for Profits Graduate

“Because of the incredible Plan for Profits program, we set aside enough money (starting simply with 2% moving to 5% every week of our total sales) to see us through re-opening our business. That bank account, as well as the principles you taught us have been a beacon in our storm! Daily cash flow management was the cherry on the top!” We will re open May 18 with a renewed confidence knowing that we have the knowledge and support you have given us. I don’t know if you remember Tom that we shared with you DV8s word for this year is JOY.  We count it as our most sincere joy to be a part of the Qnity family.”

Lisa Justiss | Owner, Dv8 | Plan for Profits Graduate

Why plan for profits right now?

A note from Plan for Profits Creator

“I’ve served as a CPA, CEO, C-level executive, advisor, and an educator for companies of various industries and sizes. However, my deepest passion is small business, and I’ve dedicated the majority of my career to serving as cash-flow advisor, educating and empowering small businesses across the world how to make better decisions and be more profitable. Small business is the lifeblood of our economy, and now more than ever small businesses need to level up their financial practices. I’m here to help bring simplicity to the current complexity of our financial climate.”

TOM KUHN Qnity Founder/Creator of Plan for Profits


$ 997
  • $19.95/mo. membership
  • (after 90 days)
  • 90 day unlimited access


This program was designed for small business owners, managers and leaders looking to level up their financial know-how; to gain greater confidence, control and cash-flow. It’s designed for businesses in beauty (salon, spa, nail, barber, massage, esthetics), fitness studios, retail, and hospitality. Novice & experts, small & large chains, new & seasoned owners, owners & managers, current & future owners, single & multi-location, owners & spouses and left & right brainers. Even if you might consider yourself “good with numbers,” this program and tools is still relevant for you. 

Scroll to the section above for everything that’s included. You can expect trusted guidance, increased confidence, a plan increase profits, visual tools and templates to go from knowing to doing, clarity on the financials, closure on what’s holding you back, timely expert advice from leading financial experts, community support, a simple and visual way to view the numbers and so much more. 

The standard investment of the program is $1,997. In light of the pandemic and resulting hardships for small businesses, we are making this available for $299 with unlimited access for 90 days. After 90 days of unlimited access, you will be billed $19.95 a month. You are free to cancel at anytime. 

You are free to take the program at your own pace. There is one module released weekly, which you can complete at your own pace (about 2 hours of content.) For those who prefer a self-study, or have a need to get through the program faster, we are able to release modules all at once for a ‘ fast track version.’ Please just let us know upon registration. We also add content frequently and host financial roundtables which you can complete in your free time and repeat study. Please note, we truly believe this program could protect you from making a poor financial decision. Consider the investment in time as saving you time and money in the future. 


Well, that’s even more of a reason to learn, so eventually you can! Also, the best education is done BEFORE it’s needed. Regardless of your current position, everyone who wishes to develop as a leader can benefit from this training.

We’re here to support you! All participants will be offered multiple ways to receive support and to have answers to questions throughout the process. You can also post your questions directly in the portal for a timely response from our team. 

Each login is for ONE person only. The assessments and surveys are conducted on a per person basis and each individual is matched with a small group and leader. Please be respectful and purchase an additional login, we dedicate support to each person. 

All participants will be guided through the curriculum and have the ability to ask questions on the financial roundtables. If you are in need of personalized immediate and urgent support, please click the “Get help now” button and book one-on-one time with us. If you need ongoing coaching, you can sign up to work with a Plan for Profits personalized coach to work with you individually for 90 days.


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