Phase 2 Report: A Career in Pro Beauty


What does compensation look like for a career in professional beauty? Those who have sought to answer this question have done so incompletely and without telling the full story. This Study aims to provide a comprehensive answer to this question and is intended to serve as an additional point of reference about salon compensation. This Study analyzed information from 3,391 employee W2s across 330 salon locations in the US representing $184M in payroll compensation. The final report provides a snapshot of what a career as a service provider in an independently-owned, employee-based, small business with 1-10 locations can look like. Findings include a comprehensive analysis of 8 factors that make up a career in professional beauty, including information about earnings, flexibility, benefits, training, inclusion, possibilities, return on investment, and passion.

Why do we charge for this report? Data collection, research, analysis, and publication takes extraordinary time and effort. We have decided to charge for this report to ensure that we are able to continue to provide quality research and expand on these initial findings. Please note that all monies received for the purchase of this report will be used for future data collaborations on behalf Qnity’s Data and Research Arm, The Qnity Institute.

Participate in the Study: We thank the generous businesses that took the time to participate in this study. Without them, this study would not be possible. We are pleased to offer all participants of this study complimentary access to this report. *If you are a study participant, please see your email inbox for a participant-specific email.

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