QLife Map™ with event


Based on Qnity’s revolutionary methodology and proven principles of success, experience the interactive and inspiring QLife Map™ tool (+ a 60 minute guided session with Qnity Educator!) With this tool, use the Qnity foundations to create a structured vision board AND set specific goals, objectives and action steps to create breakthroughs in the 5 key “AL’s” of your life – financialphysicalprofessionalrelational and spiritual. The tool follows our grid system and is 13”x19. ”It’s a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who’s ready to create powerful and lasting transformations in every area of life!
  • One full-color, easy-to-use 13″ x 19″ QLife Map • 72 adhesive QPics & Personal QPics • Membership in the private QLife Map Facebook Community • Instructions & QLife Map Video
  • One enrollment to QLife Map™ event guided and hosted by Qnity Educator

If you’re experienced at Qnity, select which images you’d like with your QLife Map. If not, feel free to select at random.