It can be lonely at the top.

But it doesn’t have to be.

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Qnity 1×1 matches you with the perfect Qnity Coach to work alongside owners and/or leadership teams. You’ll implement Qnity’s simple and visual tools from the top down and create breakthroughs in GROWTH, LEADERSHIP and EXECUTION. The best part? Qnity is NOT a one-size-fits-all program.

Your Coach has one goal: your results.

Includes Qnity’s Most Popular Visual Tools

5 Functions™ Planner
A Simple operating system

8 Seasons™ System
A revolutionary calendar

A whole-brain performance tool

A versatile visual thinking tool

Qnity Tracker
A visual tool to drive sales

Get REAL Results


Drive revenue by capturing missed SALES opportunities

“I went from $60,000 to $160,000 in total sales in less than two years of using the Qnity systems. I was able to grow at Citrus and buy a new house. That growth has continued and as recently I increased ANOTHER 17%, bought a new (and bigger!) house, AND contributed over $25,000 to my retirement account. This would not have been possible without Qnity”

– Nikki Dominguez, Stylist, Citrus Salon



“We have really implemented ALL of the Qnity tools and systems, but especially the 5 Functions™ Planner. With this system, we took a HUGE dive into the Finance function. We now have a complete budget and forecast for each department and location.”

– Megan Jasper, Operations Director, Gadabout


Increase profitability by gaining financial confidence and education

“We were able to use the Qnity Tuesday Transfer to set a goal for $100k in business savings, and we hit it! Plus, we rolled out salon wide price increase and were able to increase our owner salaries while stepping AWAY from behind the chair.”

– Laura Graven, Co-Owner, Tailored Salon

Meet Your Guides

Candice Gliatto


Citrus Salons

Heath Smith


Ruiz Salons

Carrie Perkins


Inspire Greatness Institutes

Jodi Ohama



Michele Savell


TNT Salons

Sharah Madrone


Gervais Salon

Laura Graven


Tailored Salon

Ashley Puglisi


Tailored Salon

How it Works

1. Book your complimentary intro session

2. Get matched with the best Coach for you

3. Work with your Coach every other week to create lasting RESULTS!

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