Become a Qnity Ambassador

Ambassadors are individuals who display passion and commitment to bringing Qnity to life in their personal and professional lives everyday. Qnity will provide various resources for support, and we look for people who are willing and able to take advantage of these benefits. By doing so, they can expect to grow themselves both personally and professionally, and become equipped with knowledge and tools to help their coworkers do the same. Everyone wins when you grow the pie!


  • Complimentary education (the only cost you will have is for training materials)
  • Private credentials to our Online Education Portal
  • Personal support from a Qnity Mentor
  • Support and access to the Qnity Ambassador/Educator community
  • Leadership Development
  • Seasonal Conference Calls
  • Preferred Registration to our annual Qnity Retreat (Every July)
  • Inside Access to “What’s New” at Qnity!

Apply Now! Here’s how:


Step 1: Submit personal reflection and a quality photo with your favorite Qnity tool.

Step 2: Phone Interview with Qnity: Please submit available dates and times at the bottom of your application or call 952-237-7729 to schedule

Your personal reflection should include the following:

1. What is your favorite part about Qnity?

2. What behaviors have changed for you personally, professionally and financially since attending Qnity?

3. What results have you seen in you and/or your coworkers?

4. How does Qnity differ from other education you have attended?

5. How do you plan on bringing back what you learn from your Ambassador role back to your team?


Photo Submission: Please submit an image of you holding your favorite Qnity Tool with the highest possible quality. IPhone is fine, as long as it is of the best possible resolution! Attach your photo with your application. Feel free to add some personality here!

The Ambassador program involves a commitment to the following:

1.Active engagement on Social Media

Share your successes, challenges, and connect with other Graduates, Ambassadors and Educators across the U.S. and Canada!

2. Utilize Ambassador Mentor

You will be matched with an Ambassador Mentor along with a small group of other Ambassadors within the larger Ambassador Community. This Ambassador Mentor has been assigned you and approximately ten other Ambassadors to support you on a more practical level of implementing Qnity in your business. Mentors have experience and results with Qnity, and are there to help you in your role as a Qnity Ambassador. It is your job to reach out, ask questions, and gain support on a more intimate level.

3. Participate in Seasonal Ambassador Conference Calls:

All Ambassador Conference Calls occur on Monday’s at 10:00 am CST following the 8 Seasons Calendar. *If you happen to have a conflict, all calls are recorded and available for later review. Calls will highlight the following:

  • Ambassador success stories
  • Tips for successes
  • Challenges from the past season
  • What’s going on with Qnity

4. Agree to study and stay current on the Qnity curriculum:

We expect our Ambassadors to be experts in the Qnity content. This involves further study and a commitment to going deeper in our education. We ask that all Ambassadors commit to constant study of the curriculum virtually through the Qnity online learning portal.

5. Commit to be innovative with the Qnity Training and Tools:

Ambassadors are the inner circle of Qnity. We will provide support, tools, resources, and suggestions- but we look for self-starters and those who will commit to experimenting to help the team grow. If you cannot commit to being a self-starter, the Ambassador role is not for you.

6. Progress, not Perfection:

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! We are looking for growth-minded individuals who are in it for the long run. We expect you to first and foremost lead by example using Qnity, and support your peers who want to follow suit.

7. Lead by example by following the Qnity Success Principles in your business and life:

  • Make it simple
  • Go Visual
  • Celebrate Small Wins
  • Create Structure for Freedom
  • Go from KNOWING to DOING