The #1 operating system for salons and spas

…so you can have more freedom.

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As many as 90% of companies fail to execute on their strategy. We’re here to change that.

The Problem

The Solution

We provide a simple operating system with the support of a trusted community to help salons, spas and medspas create more structure.

The result? A more sustainable and scalable business.

AKA: freedom.

The System

The Tools

The simple way to structure your business and team.

The solution to calendarize your year by function.

A visual planner to turn goals into weekly actions.

The Results

Where You Could Be After 12 Months Of Qnity

From 1 location and $800k in revenue, to 2 locations and over $2M in revenue

– Dr Hubiak, SkinScience Owner

From 1 location, to 2 locations, and from 0% profit to 17% profit

– Candice Gliatto, Citrus Salons Owner

From an average ticket of $140/month in 2021 to $154/month in 2022

– Susan Arens, Studio Be President

Meet Your Guides

Candice Gliatto


Citrus Salons

Heath Smith


Ruiz Salons

Carrie Perkins


Inspire Greatness Institutes

Jodi Ohama



Michele Savell


TNT Salons

Sharah Madrone


Gervais Salon

Laura Graven


Tailored Salon

Ashley Puglisi


Tailored Salon


Trusted Partners

and many more!

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