Resisiting old & bad habits can be hard, especially in times of uncertainty. Candice Gliatto, owner of Citrus Salon in Martinez, CA found herself doing just that during the pandemic. She grabbed a 9Grid™ and wrote out simple & visual reminders to get herself back on track.

  1. Let go of control and don’t micromanage – don’t take on more than you need too
  2. You can pour from an empty cup – don’t forget to take care of yourself
  3. Check your resentment – think about both sides of the story and others feelings
  4. Appreciate, Care, Challenge, Encourage (ACCE) – don’t prioritize it last
  5. Gratitude and follow through are key – employees and clients value it
  6. Structure – Planning, Delegation and Accountability – staying on track regardless of what is going on in the world
  7. Prosper is Unity – find balance in all areas of your life
  8. Keep it Simple! – it’s as easy as that!

Learn more about the 9Grid™ by CLICKING HERE