Sabrina Barragan | Stylist | Spa Bleu, IL

To me being financially stable by doing what I love everyday is the perfect definition of prosperity. By using the practices and tools from QNITY, I feel myself and the team I work with will be able to stay focused and motivated. I believe lack of inspiration, pressure and confusion of numbers can be a big issue for most of us, so with the simplistic tools and ideas that QNITY has introduced-we should stay on track!
Luckily I am able to have two days off during the week, but with a toddler and a baby sometimes the plan for the day ends up chaotic. Simply by using a reminder app on my phone or writing a list of To-Dos on paper, I’ve been getting almost everything accomplished! So personally, the small wins keep me sane. Professionally being 100% engaged no matter what the situation is has been a behavior I’ve been practicing. Everyday there are challenges in a salon but if a couple of people make the commitment to stay positive, my hope is that that attitude will be contagious.
The results in our team after just one week have been amazing! The 17% challenge is very motivating for all of us. The simplicity of it, the way it’s broken down visually but still having structure is what captivates me. Although my first week wasn’t all that I was looking for, I’m still hopeful because I’m focusing on small steps to get to the bigger picture.
Becoming an ambassador is out of my comfort zone but I’m the type of person that needs the push. I believe seeing potential in oneself is half the battle, with the support of the Ambassador program and Qmunity I can reach higher levels. In return I can continuously be there for my team, to push them and always motivate them by keeping the tools alive!
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