I first heard about Qnity several years ago at Serious business. The gentleman next me was talking about how  it was a “game changer.” I was intrigued. We finished our Qnity training in early February, and I was hooked! It spoke to me on so many levels. Right brain thinking , Mind Mapping, Success principals and then… added the inspirational stickers and I SWOONED!

I am the guest relations manager. My team members often have a different life path than the stylists and therapists but we all have goals though, both personal and professional. The 9Grid sent me over the moon!! The first thing I did was take my personal management goals and make a 9Grid for those – simple,concise and clear.Then I took the goals I had for my team and did a 9Grid for them as well . Once I was able to take a step back and clear away the clutter, I could see my direction. I feel that was one of the “game changers” for me .
Immediately I started to do my portion of the daily huddle with the 9Grid. I was able to get critical info out there but also able to connect with the heart by having time to say “Okay …. What are you grateful for TODAY” ? It’s a small step, but each time I feel we are becoming more accountable to one another. Especially when a few days or a week later I can go back to a team member and say “How is everything going with that situation you talked about? It has created a greater relational connection.Having a visual for everyone has helped us stay focus on our goals and celebrations .
The education I received from Qnity has helped me in such simple ways. I love the fact that Qnity wants to continue to pour into us for our success as a company. That it is part of your DNA to help us prosper. I would love to continue on as an Ambassador for that same reason. To continue to learn and be a better source of support for all my team members. Coaching, connecting and being able to be a resource when they are struggling.