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“Qnity gives us the template, and we can leverage our creativity and pick what we like. Some say, ‘here’s the system, follow it.’ Qnity says ‘here’s the system, let’s apply it to you.'”

Amanda Hair, Owner, So Chic Salon Brands

Nikki Dominguez, Stylist, Citrus Salon

“I went from $60,000 to $160,000 in total sales in less than two years of using the Qnity systems. I was able to grow at Citrus and buy a new house. This would not have been possible without Qnity”

“We were able to use the Qnity Tuesday Transfer to set a goal for $100k in business savings, and we hit it! Plus, we rolled out salon wide price increase and were able to increase our owner salaries while stepping AWAY from behind the chair.”

Laura Graven, Co-Owner, Tailored Salon



When I opened Hello.Salon, I was narrowly focused on the culture of the salon and my previous business partner was concentrated on the financial side of the business. When she left the company, I was quickly overwhelmed with more than I could have imagined. The word I can best describe the feeling is DROWNING. Not having any kind of business education and zero systems set in place to help run the business, I needed something or someone to help guide me in how I was going to execute all of it.

I started working with Qnity and was introduced to the most amazing tools and people ever. Robust use of the 8 Seasons Calendar, Five Functions Planner, and QPlan, has greatly contributed to my success. My team and I are fully engaged in keeping the 8 Seasons Calendar and Five Functions Planner updated and aligned with each other. The 13 Week Tracker took my team’s execution to the next level. I was able to strategize and oversee the weekly leadership activity for my new Operations Manager AND get a new front of house manager up and running in less than a month.

Our leadership team meets once a week to check in our progress and thanks to the power of small steps, we all feel confident and clear on what needs to be happening at all times. I even use it for my personal weekly list of ways to stay in engaged with my staff and to ACCE them. Our execution rating went from a 3 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10. I honestly don’t think my business would still be open without Qnity. Being an owner is one of the loneliest and hardest journeys I have ever experienced. Qnity has saved me from not giving up. I now feel like a business owner and not just a hairdresser owning a salon.

“I went through Qnity and it honestly saved me. As a result of following the action steps, I was able to set aside an additional $35,000 in cash savings that I ended up needing for the pandemic. I feel so fortunate. It’s hands down a result of this education.”

– Kim Hunter, Owner, True Blue



In 2019, I was in a 400-square-foot office with 2 rooms that I shared with an esthetician. I had been there for 7 years. I had one nurse but we had to work different days since there was no space.

I knew I had been playing small for years but I was ok with that, it’s what made me comfortable. In the back of my head, I knew I needed to grow but it was scary and I was nervous about the unknown. I didn’t feel like I had a clear path and so I was worried that I would fail.

I remember the day that I went to Citrus Salon and Candice Gliatto was doing my hair, I asked her if she knew of any good business classes. There was a pause and she swung my chair around and was like, “Yes!” Shortly after I had a call with Heath and Carrie. Both were great but Heath and I had an instant connection. It was invaluable for me to have a coach and a system that helped me visualize and simplify the steps to my future growth. I finally was not scared to be successful!

I negotiated a lease for a 2600 sq foot location, over 6 times bigger than the space I was in! I moved in January 2020 and Covid hit. It was scary. I cut out so many things to be able to stay afloat, but the one thing I prioritized was my coaching with Qnity. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through without the clarity and direction Qnity gave me. We recovered and have been thriving. In fact, since I started working with Qnity I have gone from 400 square feet and 1 employee to 4000 sq ft plus a second 3000 sq foot location, with 8 employees (more to be added soon!) and our revenue has more than tripled.

“These past 6 months of coaching us are showing up in our approach to strategy, operating discipline, leadership development and ultimately our bottom line. Worth our time and money? You bet!

Tracee Herring, Owner, Davanti Salons

Tanya Foster, Owner, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

“I have done a LOT of work on my business and Qnity is the best decision I have ever made for my company.”

“At Finley’s, developing leadership was a huge gap. With the help of the Qnity in Action program, WE made dramatic improvements. We put 3 people into key positions, and promoted all from within. We’re a lot more confident as leaders and all the managers feel good.”

Scott Finley, Co-Owner, Finley’s Barbershops



Execution is an area that we struggle with even after over fourteen years in business. It is so difficult to get the idea out of your head into positive action with your team and well received by your guests. It can be overwhelming and daunting. However, the tools we have learned through Qnity have been essential to our continued success.

Qnity in Action coaching with Heath Smith has been the “calm in the storm” and, when necessary, a taskmaster motivating us to stay focused. Heath has created compassionate accountability that has given us the structure and insight to effectively execute our plans. He has provided sound counsel and is an excellent teacher.

We thought 2020 was the difficult year, but 2021 said, hold my drink. We lost our master stylist, three senior stylist, three advanced stylists, and an assistant manager. We lost the core of our team with a combined 82 years of experience at Varuna. Once again, we found ourselves reorganizing and relaunching our business during a very fragile time. The great Resignation may have been going on in the world, but within Varuna, we had the great Reorganization.

Qnity tools were the backbone of this movement within our business. Mapping out our plans on the 8 Season Calendar brought everyone onto the same page, and our Five Functions Planner mapped out who, what, when, and the key measures of our success. These tools were essential as we rolled out new commission schedules, reestablishing our culture, hiring new staff, and re-growing our business. ACCE and 4X4 Ways are the cornerstones of our communication style. With our targeted approach to hiring, our team has grown by 55%, with an original member of Varuna also returning to our team