In February 2018 I had the opportunity to attend a training by a company called Qnity. I came to hear about the Training by way of my favorite Spa & Salon in Curaçao, 8 The Experience. I was a bit hesitant initially, until I spoke with Erin Kuhn from Qnity. She convinced me by describing the Training: what it would entail and their philosophy, which is basically a ‘holistic’ approach to manage and increase profits and growth within your business. That kind of approach really resonated with me, so I decided to take the plunge and signed up for the Embark program here in Curaçao at a beautiful location, a retreat center called Ananda Wellness Center.

After having participated in Embark Curaçao I can honestly say it was money as well as time well spent! The best part for me was indeed the one thing that had attracted me most: the Holistic approach! The training didn’t focus on just one aspect, but on all of the different aspects that make up a sound business approach: from figures to communication to planning. All at a brisk pace as well, which I personally appreciated! This is what set Embark by Qnity apart for me compared to other similar training or courses I have done.

The beauty of it was that a lot, if not all of the tools and content, were things that are applicable on a personal level as well: I am actually applying some to my children! Some of the tools I plan on using during different types of training courses that I myself give within my own line of business as well – in Professional Services: I am a Digital Transformation Consultant.
As I have mentioned previously, every single tool and principle are applicable all across the board, no matter the industry or line of business. For that reason I think Qnity can offer everybody in every type of business, a rounded out and comprehensive educational experience which is practical as well as functional. Go for it, I promise you won’t regret it!