Things to do when you can’t work 

by Adrienne Tousignant


The CoronaVirus has forced many professionals into work from home mode, with only essential businesses allowed to remain open. For professionals in the service industry, a business closing means the disappearance of a paycheck. Along with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, many of these professionals are forced with the frightening reality of an undefined period with no income. Fear and doubt can only be removed by action. Developing a simple plan and action steps that you can take today will help turn chaos into a bit of clarity. What are a few things in your control that you can take action on today? Tip. Make a a plan. Make it simple. And make it visual! And for all you Qnity pros, make a 9Grid and share it with us!

“The 9Grid I made (when I couldn’t sleep at 3am) is focused on productive things we can do for ourselves, our families/friends and our careers. The ideas I had are adaptable to any situation. 9Grids are practical and fun for me. Sometimes even a way to shut down my brain from the day to day and be creative.”

The 9Grid is Qnity’s visual thinking tool to help solve problems, create solutions and perhaps even create something brilliant. Click here to purchase. 

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