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We make small business finances simple and visual, so you can be more confident, get in control and most importantly – Plan for Profits.

Here's the reality.


of small business failures are a result of POOR CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT. Small business owners and leaders need to level up their financial intelligence now more than ever. Here’s the reality.


of small business owners and leaders consider themselves financially illiterate *


of small businesses operate without a financial plan *


of small business
owners say financial management is the worst part of their business *


Why plan for profits right now?

It’s the program you need to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

A PLAN to manage cash-flow and increase profits

30+ years of financial experience in 5 SIMPLE MODULES

Geared toward VISUAL LEARNERS and busy small business owners
WEEKLY FINANCIAL ROUNDTABLES to guide you through navigating the Paycheck Protection Program and other COVID-19 efforts

PERSONALIZED with a dedicated small group leader committed to your success



5 modules (10+ hours) of simple and visual content lead by Qnity Founder/CEO. Click below for a course overview.


  • Level Set with words that matter
  • Increase your financial literacy to unite with key stakeholders
  • Understand key terms and core financial statements
  • Learn more on the concept of Profitability in small business
  • Apply 5 key success principles to increase cash-flow
  • Take Action with Qnity’s “Tuesday Xfer” Challenge


  • Get the numbers literally and figuratively
  • Common challenges with relying on accounts
  • Turn common challenges into a competitive edge
  • Make financial statements simple and visual
  • Take Action with the Qnity’s ‘week in, week out’ Challenge


  • Learn how and why to get behind the numbers
  • Establish your finance “team” to drive profitability
  • How to see the big picture AND see the details
  • Best practices for lasting profitability
  • How to increase your bottom line
  • Take Action with the “Name to Every Number” Challenge


  • Create a forward focus for higher profits
  • Track your daily cash with Qnity’s Daily Cash Flow System (THIS ALONE is worth the whole program)
  • How to manage and track cash in a crisis situation
  • Learn how to effectively share numbers with your team
  • Create a profit improvement plan
  • Take Action with Qnity’s “Forward Focus” Challenge


  • Put it all together in a financial management system that works
  • Understand how finance connects using Qnity’s 5 Functions
  • Learn key Profitability Principles
  • Discover how to track, target and drive revenue
  • Take Action with Qnity’s “Plan for Profits”

12+ videos, (new videos added weekly!) addressing Covid-19 financial topics such as the Paycheck Protection Program, funding, cash-flow management and more.

VIDEO 1: Personal message from Qnity Founder

VIDEO 2: Tips to Weathering a Financial Storm

VIDEO 3: 8 Tips to Successful Navigate Financial Turmoil

VIDEO 4: Viewing a New Normal: Fire vs. Storm

VIDEOS 5-7: SBA Disaster Funding (Various videos)


VIDEO 9: What to do if you DID get a Paycheck Protection Program Loan

VIDEO 10: What to do if you DIDN’T get a Paycheck Protection Program Loan

VIDEO 11: Building Cash Flow Models

VIDEO 12: Financial Relief No One is Talking About

PLUS: More timely, relevant and actionable videos added to the portal weekly (oftentimes more than weekly). 


5 financial 'roundtables' hosted by Qnity CEO and featuring financial experts and members of the Qnity braintrust. Join the live session or listen to the recording in your free time.

May 6th: 2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST

May 13th: 2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST

May 26th: 2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST

May 13th: 2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST

May 26th: 2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST



Simple tools to help you take immediate action (including a graduate favorite – the daily cash flow planner)


Access to private Plan for Profits Facebook Group & private portal for questions


You’ll also be assigned a small group (we call them "pods!") lead by a small business owner and Plan for Profits graduate to keep you focused and hold you accountable

How it Works

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We know finances might be challenging right now. We get it, we’re a small business too. The standard cost for Plan for Profits is $1,997. In good faith, please pay what you can afford.


Once you register, you’ll join a community of small business owners and leaders on a 5 step path to LEVEL UP and gain greater CONFIDENCE, CONTROL and CASH FLOW in their financial management.

By enrolling in our online Plan for Profits course, you'll see increases in:



Over 30% of workers
lack basic financial skills.
We make it simple, visual and actionable (no matter what your financial literacy level is) so you can make decisions with confidence.


There’s a lot of uncertainty for small businesses, but the one thing you can control is how you manage your finances. Learn to control the controllables.



The majority of small businesses neglect the finance function of their business, resulting in poor decisions and leaking cash. Get simple tools  to increase profits and keep more cash.


Hear from a few small business owners and graduates of the Plan for Profits program


This program was designed for small business owners, managers and leaders looking to level up their financial know-how; to gain greater confidence, control and cash-flow. It’s designed for businesses in beauty (salon, spa, nail, massage, esthetics), fitness studios, retail, and hospitality. Novice & experts, small & large chains, new & seasoned owners, owners & managers, current & future owners, single & multi-location, owners & spouses and left & right brainers. Even if you might consider yourself “good with numbers,” this program and tools is still relevant for you. 

Scroll to the section above for everything that’s included. You can expect trusted guidance, increased confidence, a plan to profit, clarity on the financials, closure on what’s holding you back, expert advice from leading financial experts, community support, a simple and visual way to view the numbers and so much more. 

The standard investment of the program is $1,997. In light of COVID-19 we are making this available on a ‘pay what you can’ and pay it forward basis. Please note, we are also a small business and offering this in good faith. If you are able to pay the full price, great. If not, pay what you can.


Please view the schedule overview above. There will be one module released each weeky (about 2 hours), and one financial roundtables (about 1 hour) each week as well. You complete the modules at your own pace. Everything will be accessible in your learning portal for you to access and refer back to. For those who prefer a self-study, or have a need to get through the program faster, we are able to release modules all at once for a ‘ fast track version.’ Please just let us know upon registration. Please note, we truly believe this program could protect you from making a poor financial decision. Consider the investment in time as saving you time and money in the future. 


Well, that’s even more of a reason to learn, so eventually you can! Also, the best education is done BEFORE it’s needed. Regardless of your current position, everyone who wishes to develop as a leader can benefit from this training.

We’re here to support you! All participants will be offered multiple ways to receive support and to have answers to questions throughout the process. You will also have access to a Plan for Profits small group (pod), where a small business owner and recent Plan for Profits graduate will provide encouragement, direction  and accountability. 

We’d strongly encourage you to still go through the program, this training is relevant and necessary for all small business owners. One tool or concept alone in this program could save you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or more. Our mission is to level up the financial intelligence of the small business community, because most small business owners think they know the numbers better than they actually do. 

Each login is for ONE person only. The assessments and surveys are conducted on a per person basis and each individual is matched with a small group and leader. Please be respectful and purchase an additional login, we dedicate support to each person. 

All participants will be guided through the curriculum and have the ability to ask questions on the financial roundtables. If you are in need of personalized immediate and urgent support, please click the “Get help now” button and book one-on-one time with us. If you need ongoing coaching, you can sign up to work with a Plan for Profits personalized coach to work with you individually for 90 days.

A note from Plan for Profits Creator

“I’ve served as a CPA, CEO, C-level executive, advisor, and an educator for companies of various industries and sizes. However, my deepest passion is small business, and I’ve dedicated the majority of my career to serving as cash-flow advisor, educating and empowering small businesses across the world how to make better decisions and be more profitable. Small business is the lifeblood of our economy, and now more than ever small businesses need to level up their financial practices. I’m here to help bring simplicity to the current complexity of our financial climate.”

TOM KUHN Qnity Founder/Creator of Plan for Profits


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