9Grid™ Notebook


One of our most popular tools, now available in a spiral bound notebook! Never underestimate the magic that can happen by simply putting your ideas down on paper. The Qnity 9Grid is a single page, structured, visual thinking tool. Use it as a mind-map, step-by-step or story board to get closure, solve problems, create solutions and go from knowing to DOING. Over 30,000 people have used this tool in both their professional and personal life, and many even bring this tool home to use with their children! See a few examples of use cases below:
  • Use to coach on a specific area of improvement
  • Plan a wedding
  • Increase total sales
  • Save more money
  • Grow your business
  • Get closure on something holding you back
  • Lose weight
  • Plan an event

(50 9Grid sheets)

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